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Black History 5.0 Reloaded

Published in March 2016

Hello To Everyone,

Our Voice- The Magazine Team wishes everyone a Happy New Year!

Our Voice- The Magazine is proud to make its way back into our lives. From the beginning, we planned and executed what we were set out to do.... and that was to 'Inform & Educate'.... And we are still on that path.

We bring you our "Black History issue that was published back in March 2016.... And now, Our Voice- The Magazine.... brings you our digital version. Our Voice- The Magazine strives to continue to share great content with Our community and abroad. Hope you enjoy and comment. OVTM thanks all our followers and readers! In the Black community across the world... Our

History is celebrated each and every day. Our accomplishments has exceeded beyond SLAVERY, revolutions, war and Jim Crow. And still continue to rise...


Kenny F. Jean


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