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Would you like to advertise with us? Simply get in touch to find out more.

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our GOAL

To have over  50,000+ X followers(formally known as Twitter), 1,500+ likes on Facebook, more then 4500+ app users per month with an average read time of over 6 minutes and a website that averages more than 10k pageviews a month, and an email database of over 65,000 area professionals, we are confident in our decision to expand not only our audience,  but our focus and functionality.


Reach over 20,000 Upstate New Yorkers(Rochester, Buffalo, and Syracuse). When we were in print circulation. Ironically by advertising... We enjoy some of our new digital features including:

  • Average time spent reading our tablet app is 5.25 min per view

  • Add video to increase reader engagement in your ad as Google loves video even better so it increases your reach and website’s ranking

  • Your ad can link directly to your website or shopping cart for instant spontaneous sales. Who doesn’t love spontaneous sales while your sleeping?

  • Your ad can be shared on social media right from our tablet app so it multiplies your marketplace reach with a touch of a finger

  • Your ad can also be added to the Our Voice website to increase viewership. That’s’ like having another powerful website working for you.

  • Over 5,000 app downloads means that they automatically receive Our Voice each month without having to go anywhere to pick it up

  • 58% of digital magazine subscribers read Our Voice the same day they receive it.

  • 73% of those reading digital magazines reported paying attention to advertisements, by either tapping or reading the content. Isn’t that is amazing!!!

Enjoy great stories and features on local women (and men) each month with our expanded reach of more then 100k followers in our community. Plus, stay tuned as we will be adding some GREAT new featured columns for a whole new audience every quarter.

With an ALL DIGITAL publication, it gives your message a greater reach so you can more easily grow your business. When you consider how well digital advertising complements your other advertising along with social media, it can be the missing link your business has needed all along to be successful.

For information regarding advertisement options:

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