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How An Autoimmune Disorder Led This Founder To Create Health & Wellness App 365zing

Are you a Black woman who needs help when it comes to devoting time to self-care? Well, there’s officially an app for that. After a decades-long journey to healing, Nzingah Oniwosan created the 365zing app, which centralizes features that are found separately on individual apps into one location to help Black women get on track with their health goals physically, mentally and spiritually. Through a wellness tracker built in the app, users can track their health goals and also create a weekly wellness schedule. From there, they can curate their week through the use of a database of healthy plant-based recipes, meditations and movement classes, including yoga and dance. Courses to dive deeper into specific areas of wellness while owning the entire process are also available for users allowing them the chance to interact with one another. In addition, there’s also an option to pair with an accountability partner. Inspiration Behind 365zing App “Thirty years ago I got diagnosed with a brain tumor, PCOs, an autoimmune disorder, and I was essentially told that in some cases with what I was dealing with, that there was nothing that I could do, except to just to deal with the disease,” said Oniwosan in an interview with AfroTech. From there, she began to study holistic practices as an alternative method to address what was going on, which she adds was not easy. “It was taxing,” she expressed. There was a lot of unpacking that Oniwosan had to do from a traumatic perspective, because a lot of times from a holistic viewpoint, people don’t think that physical disease is connected to some discord mentally, but the two can actually go hand in hand. “As I was doing this work, I started to build my own holistic practice, and I thought about the women and men that I was servicing,” she said Then I realized that a lot of them would not be as fortunate as I was to sift through all of the information that’s there or even find the right people to guide them through that journey.” Oniwosan is now serving as that guide through the app. How 365zing Works Each day when a user logs onto the app, the first thing that they are greeted with is an affirmation for the day. Next, they have a checklist of activities that are curated to promote wellness. “The app will let them know how their self-care progress has been based on that checklist,” Oniwosan explained. “They can also create a meal plan, or I should say a wellness plan because it’s not just a meal plan. We have a library of yoga classes, meditation recipes — and then they can curate what their week will look like.” For more on 365zing and how to download the app, click here.

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